Reason for Being

1) To save you from making the same gardening mistakes that I do. (You can make your own new ones!)

2) To share my garden with friends, family and everyone who loves growing things or just looking at beautiful pictures.

3) To inspire you to pick up a shovel, a watering can or a hose, a seed packet or a plant and cultivate a little corner of Earth.

4) To preach (hopefully not too stridently) about the importance of considering the ecological benefits of what you plant. Is it native or invasive? Does it need a lot of water, pesticide and fertilizer to survive or can it thrive with neglect? Will it feed people, butterflies, bees, birds, beneficial insects or other critters? These choices may seem trivial on an individual level, but made collectively by many millions of gardeners, they can have a real impact on the health of the environment.

5) To show you that if I can do it, anyone can garden.

6) To share a little of the joy I get from planting a seed and watching it grow.