Updated 8/23/2012

Trust is an important element of the blogger-reader relationship.

(I think so, and the FTC agrees.)

Here is what you should know about the content on Garden of Aaron:

1) Much of the content at is based on my personal opinions and experiences in my garden or viewing other gardens.

2) Since I don't know everything (shocking, but true), I will supplement my own hard-won knowledge with the opinions, advice and suggestions from other gardening experts. I cannot vouch for the contributions of these outside experts, but to the best of my abilities, I will choose to interview experts who provide good, unbiased advice and whose affiliations are clearly noted so that readers can make their own judgment as to value of those outside experts' recommendations.

3) All words, photos and videos are typically produced by me except where explicitly noted through quotes, links or attribution.

4) Unless explicitly noted, I have not received any compensation from anyone in exchange for my blogging activities.

5) If a company does offer to send me a product (seeds, plant, gardening equipment, etc.) to facilitate a review, I will explicitly reveal that transaction in the relevant blog post. Even in that circumstance, I promise that all reviews will feature my honest opinions and experiences in the garden, but you will still know about the transaction so that you can draw your own conclusions.

5) At this point (August 23, 2012), my blog features neither advertising nor sponsorships. In the event that the blog attracts advertisers or sponsors in the future, I pledge to either (a) disclose any relationship with advertisers or sponsors in any blog posts related to their products or services, or (b) refrain from blogging about products or services produced or offered by the advertisers or sponsors.

6) The FTC probably doesn't care, but I also pledge that I will not cover up, whitewash or soft pedal any disasters in the garden. There are plenty of books, articles and blog posts proudly talking about gardening successes, and that's great. I hope to have plenty of successes to share too. But no gardener is perfect. At least, I'm not. And I suspect other gardeners might have a few shovel-pruned experiments buried in their garden beds too. So there will be plenty of pretty pictures on this blog, but expect some ugly ones too. Because that's part of Garden of Aaron's reason for being -- so that you can learn from my many, many gardening mistakes.

If you still have any questions about Garden of Aaron's content or trustworthiness after reading this scintillating disclosure post, just email me and I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my abilities.

Thanks for reading and good luck in the garden.

- Aaron Dalton, a.k.a. "Aaron Gardener"


  1. I have never seen such a decree before. I think it is refreshing that you make such a pledge. There is so much junk out there and your blog appears to be honest and straight forward.

    1. Thank you, JT.

      Professionally, I work as a writer and editor. I know that words matter. And I want people to have confidence in the honesty of the content here.

      Welcome and hope you enjoy reading about my gardening adventures!


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