Sunday, September 16, 2012

Autumn Joy Sedum

Tough? Yep.

Succulent? You betcha.

Frothy pink flowers? Don't mind if I do.

Attracts butterflies and other insects? Sure does.

It's Autumn Joy sedum!!

(I've been so happy with the sedum thus far that I'm thinking about adding some more to the garden next year. Maybe Matrona or Brilliant or even the Dragon's Blood groundcover...)

Do you grow sedums? If so, which ones work best for you? If you have photos of sedum in your garden, please post links in the Comments field!

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  1. I just planted some 'Matronna'. Can't wait to see them in bloom next year!

  2. I have sedum, large and small. In VA had 'Neon' which is a sport of Autumn Joy --- its flowers are hot pink. Need to get another. Miss it. Sedum really are a nice plant for those dry sunny spots.


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