Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Crab and the Bee

We had this 'Sugar Tyme' crabapple added to the landscape in Spring 2014. It was not all that exciting last year -- well, except for the gorgeous stinging rose caterpillars that showed up. They were pretty awesome. Anyway, this year, Sugar Tyme was smothered in pink buds that have opened into these lightly scented white flowers. Beautiful!! (That cold snap we had a week ago with temperatures in the low 20s didn't seem to hurt the crabapple or its buds one bit.)

There were lots of little bees (and perhaps other insects) buzzing around the crabapple, but they were moving too fast for my rudimentary digicam to capture any images of them. But this big bumble bee paused to pry open this flower, which gave me a chance to capture his posterior for posterity.