Monday, December 14, 2015

The Flowers of December - Camellia and Hellebores

It's been an unusually warm 'winter' so far, but I think these plants might all be in flower this time of year even in a normal winter...

Pollinator on Camellia sasanqua flower
Camellia sasanqua with (I believe) some sort of wasp...

Pollinators on hellebore flower
This hellebore has attracted some sort of pollinator (I'm guessing it might be a fly, based on the large eyes) and a ladybug. Note the persistent greenish bracts at the bottom of the picture that provide the illusion of flowers over many weeks.
Helleborus buds in December
OK, this other hellebore has not quite bloomed, but the pink buds and glaucus foliage are so pretty through I thought it deserved to be included in this post. I'll try to post an update in the weeks ahead when these buds open into flowers...


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